Finishing phase 1 of MDLF project (One Stop Shop at 11 Municipalities)


As part of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund’s (MDLF) to support the Local Government Units (LGUs) in providing efficient, responsive and consistent services to the citizens, ULTIMIT, under contract to the MDLF, has finished installing and training users on its ServiceSpace to the following municipalities;

  • Rafah
  • Deir al-Balah
  • Abasan al-Kabira
  • Biet Hanon
  • Arraba
  • Bani Zeid al-Sharqiya
  • Bani zaid al gharbiya
  • Beita
  • Kufradan
  • Bidya
  • Alezariyah
  • Anata
  • Silwad
  • Sourif
  • Qatana


ULTIMIT’s ServiceSpace is solution that is designed to assist organizations (whether private, public, or non-governmental organizations NGOs) in managing the service, complaint, or suggestion requests in a standardized, repeatable, and measurable way to enhance the organization’s efficiency and accountability.