Signing New Contract – FAO

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ULTIMIT has signed an agreement with the FAO Coordination Office for the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS) to maintain and supported the first National Animal Identification System
(NAIS) in Palestine. The FAO WBGS has worked since 2002 on the preparation for, and response to, food and agricultural threats and livelihood emergencies in the WBGS through emergency relief, rehabilitation and revitalization of productive capacity. FAO WBGS is implementing the project: “Support livestock based livelihoods of vulnerable population in the occupied Palestinian territory which is funded by the European Union and was implemented in different governorates of the WBGS.
One of the main activities of the project is establishing the first National Animal Identification System (NAIS), which was developed through a well-recognized international company. The project was implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), including its local branches and departments in both West Bank and Gaza Strip, and other public bodies active in the livestock sector.

Signing new Contract – WHO project


ULTIMIT has signed an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH) to build an electronic system that will act as a platform to support the functions of the first Palestinian National Human Resources for Health Observatory, including: data collection and analysis, problems/needs identification, monitoring of HRH situation, forecasting future needs, research and knowledge generation and dissemination, policy analysis and developing policy briefs, advocacy, organization of policy dialogues, and create a policy forum and partnership.

Finishing phase 1 of MDLF project (One Stop Shop at 11 Municipalities)


As part of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund’s (MDLF) to support the Local Government Units (LGUs) in providing efficient, responsive and consistent services to the citizens, ULTIMIT, under contract to the MDLF, has finished installing and training users on its ServiceSpace to the following municipalities;

  • Rafah
  • Deir al-Balah
  • Abasan al-Kabira
  • Biet Hanon
  • Arraba
  • Bani Zeid al-Sharqiya
  • Bani zaid al gharbiya
  • Beita
  • Kufradan
  • Bidya
  • Alezariyah
  • Anata
  • Silwad
  • Sourif
  • Qatana


ULTIMIT’s ServiceSpace is solution that is designed to assist organizations (whether private, public, or non-governmental organizations NGOs) in managing the service, complaint, or suggestion requests in a standardized, repeatable, and measurable way to enhance the organization’s efficiency and accountability.

Implementation Contract – Laserfiche

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ULTIMIT signed a new contract with AAUJ – Arab American University to implement Laserfiche international solution that includes:

  • Documents Archiving and Management
  • Workflow and Form builder

Laserfiche is known to have the following features:

  • Digitize and centralize files into one secure business content management system.
  • Boost customer service by securely publishing documents to web portals.
  • Improve collaboration with simultaneous document access and versioning.
  • reate, save and share documents from the Microsoft applications employees use every day.